Are you a weekend warrior? Do you love saving money by getting your hands dirty? Then you are a great candidate to install your own fence. While a bit labor intensive, fence self-installation is pretty easy to do and will save you about 40% of your total fence cost. The good news is that when you buy your materials through FenceCenter, you gain unlimited support from our Fence Pros. They are on call and available to answer all your installation questions so don't think twice and just Dial-A-Pro.

Scroll down for an overview of the process and browse our video library to see what the job entails. Before you know it, you'll be a fence pro in no time!

  • Confirm Property Line

    Reference your property survey to identify the boundaries of your property.

  • Locate Underground Utilities

    Call 811 which is the number you call before you dig to avoid hitting underground utility lines.

  • Research Local Zoning Codes

    Ensure compliance with your town's zoning regulations or any HOA guidelines.

  • Check for Obstructions

    Identify any other underground obstructions that might be buried on your property.

  • Identify Your Frost Line

    If you live in a northern region, you may need to know the depth of your frost line.

Our DIY Project Planner and Worksheets Will Get You Started

  • Torpedo Level

  • Circular Saw

  • Ready Mix Concrete

    1.5 bags per post

  • Tape Measure

  • Post Hole Digger

  • Tamping Bar

  • Wood Stakes

  • String

Installation Videos

How to Library - Vinyl Fence