Product Care

Product Care

How Do I Clean My Vinyl or Aluminum Fence?

  • Basic Cleaning

    On occasion, we recommend that you spray your fence with a garden hose or power washer to remove grass clippings, dirt, and fertilizer chemicals to keep it looking as new as possible. Most dirt can be washed off with a mild soap and water solution then rinsed with water.

    Note: In coastal areas, it is recommended that you frequently spray your fence with water to reduce the accumulations of salt and dirt.

  • Minor Stains

    Minor stains can be cleaned using a household degreaser or non-abrasive cleaner. Just follow the manufacturer's directions the rinse with water after application.

  • Heavier Stains

    Heavier and hard water stains can be cleaned with non-toxic household cleaning agents such as: SimpleGreen®, Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser, Mineral Spirits, CLR® (Calcium, Lime, and Rust Cleaner), or Vinegar.

    Note: GoofOff® is not recommended to remove stains.

Gate Maintenance

Make Annual Adjustments

Gate adjustments and leveling are normal care and maintenance tasks that the homeowner is responsible for. We recommend that you adjust your gates every Spring to maximize the life of your fence.

  • Adjust Hinges

    Be sure to oil your hinges and tighten the tension screws every year so that your gates operate efficiently.

  • Keep Gates Latched

    Don't let your gates swing in the wind. Keep them latched and secured with a drop rod to minimize wear and tear.

  • Child-Proof Gates

    Deter young children from playing on the gates to ensure your gate stays level and operates efficiently.

  • Secure Loose Posts

    Check the alignment of your end posts to make sure that they are not becoming loose. If necessary, retamp and reset.

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Because Life Happens

Even though ActiveYards® vinyl and aluminum fences are extremely durable and built to stand up to everyday wear and tear, sometimes minor repair issues arise. You might end up with a scratch in your paint, an accessory goes missing, or one of your pickets gets damanged and needs replacement. Just follow the easy tips below to remedy any one-off repair jobs that you might surface.

  • Paint Touch-Up

    Touch-up paint is available in all our aluminum fence colors and may be used on aluminum panels, gates, posts and accessories.

  • Accessories

    Sometimes a post top or finial can become loose or become subject to mischief and you may need a replacement part. No sweat, just order whatever you need from our store.

  • Aluminum Pickets

    Due to the two piece integrated locking mechanism within the Corigin® system, individual pickets cannot be easily removed. Panels with damaged pickets will need full replacement.

  • Vinyl Pickets

    Privacy and decorative pickets are sold with full panel kits and not available for order as individual parts. If you need replacement pickets, please contact us for assistance.