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Wow! What a difference an ActiveYards Aluminium Fence System will make for your home or business. The perfect blend of beauty and security, or fence systems are designed to give you peace of mind and to last a lifetime. ActiveYards is the only aluminium fencing system that looks exactly the same from both sided; no screws, rail,or nails. Enjoy your property, everyday is a vacation inside your secure, safe, and stylish, Activeyards Aluminium Fence!

I rescue retriever dogs and needed a new fence because my dogs would bark at all the people walking by and it was becoming a problem with my neighbors. My split rail with wire was not solving my need for privacy and I wanted a color other than white. The installation was great and my ActiveYards® Dogwood fence has withstood many storms.

Jolynn C.

We have a corner lot on a busy street and needed to let our dogs out with no worry. We would highly recommend these fencing products to anyone and we also think that ActiveYards® Chestnut Scallop fence adds curb appeal and value to our house.

Jennifer and Ty R.

Our fence was installed as a warranty replacement through insurance and needed privacy as we live on a busy intersection. We didn't care for the fence that was initially installed so this gave us an opportunity to shop for something we really would like and that would not need to replace again. We have had several people stop by and inquire about our fence and would definitely recommend ActiveYards® fencing systems.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C., Independence, Ohio